Thursday, 19 January 2017

And then "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" happened to me!

At first, I was like, this is going to be just another shitty tv series of 90's, and I should'nt be wasting time watching it. I got GAME OF THRONES, BREAKING BAD and all to be finished, and why on earth should I be watching this?! I was in a fucking dilemma. And then it happened.

January 2nd, Yeah the NEW YEAR HANGOVER day! The same day I had to join for my new job as content writer. While I was on train on the way to office, I called up Sherin, my badass friend from college. He is also working in kochi, so we decided to go together.

One day, we got stuck at a bus station, and we literally had nothing to do but to wait for the bus. I don't why and how, I asked sherin to download FRIENDS Tv series on his phone. As I'm still using a 2G connection (Yes, don't be shocked), and he got a Jio connection, he downloaded the first season (24 Episodes) in 15 minutes. Thank you Ambani! Well, this is not a shitty Jio ad, so fuck it. Yes, he downloaded it. We could'nt watch it that day, so scheduled it to be watched on next day.

Next day, We boarded the train, and got our assess placed. I asked him to play FRIENDS. We got our headphones on, and then it started.



HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE HELL DID WE FINISHED THE 24 EPISODES in 5 days. It was supposed to be finished in 24 days, yeah we know.

Let me tell you, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one Tv series that you dont want to miss in this life. I don't remember the last time I have watched anything funnier like this before.
We have downloaded the next season yesterday, and we are all set to give it a shot from today.

So yeah, If you have'nt watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S yet, rush to torrent, download it, earn some happy times!!

This is AJ, Signing off! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Wannabe Voyager

I stopped the truck. I knew I couldn't go any further.

"Why did I leave home? Why am I here? Does any of this make sense?" I kept questioning myself over and again. I just couldn't get any right answers. But I wanted answers.

I started off from home this morning on this solo trip which I thought would change my life forever. Like in the movies. Like in the books. It is supposed to be one hell of a trip. I wanted to go on a solo trip to change my life, to change everything, to feel the ultimate freedom, to know the purpose of my life and here I am regretting myself for being fake. Yes, I'm fake.

I've been planning this trip for the past two years, and I've been saving money too. I did watch the movie "Into the Wild" where a guy named "Christopher McCandless" goes to Alaska in search of ultimate freedom. I read the book "Motorcycle Diaries" where Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara goes on a trip with his friend on the bike "La-Parodisa". All these books and movies inspired me to start this journey. But now I realize that I'm not being true to myself, I'm not being true at all. I'm not being true to anyone. Yes, I'm fake.

I wanted everyone to know that I'm going on this trip. I even updated a Facebook status about this journey. I tweeted about this. I texted my friends to let them know that I'm having a good time. I changed my WhatsApp picture to let my Ex know about this trip. Yes, all I want is to let people know that I'm a cool guy who goes on trips like this, and a matured human who doesn't want to live in the so-called "Society". I remember listening to an Eddie Vedder track last night. The lyrics go like "Society, you're a crazy breed. I hope you're not lonely without me." It's such a beautiful song. What was I doing while listening to it?! Oh yes, I was searching for traveling quotes on Tumblr. I thought if I got a good one, I could make it my profile picture. So that everyone in the "society" will know about my trip. Yes, I'm fake.

I'm wearing shorts. I have my boots on. Why? Because those things will look cool on photos. Christopher McCandless wears the same in "Into the Wild". So here I am. I stopped the truck and got out. I wanted to feel the wind. So I stretched out my hands and stood up like crucified Jesus. Oh yes, I should feel the wind now right?! Am I feeling it? No, I don't feel anything. Yes, I'm fake. I'm a crucified soul. I walked back to the truck and got in. All I care is about two things. "Which picture to upload first, and when to upload?!" I'm a super fake human being. Yes.

Being in the limelight is the most important thing for me. That's what my life's goal is, and that's why I'm on this trip. I remember reading Christopher McCandless... "I don't want to know what day it is, what time it is. I don't want to see anyone. None of that matters". Now that's not fake. He didn't tell that to anyone. He wrote that in his personal diary and it was found after his death. And what did I do? I wrote the same words. But not on a diary. I wrote on Facebook. Yes, to let everyone know that I'm an intellectual fella who goes on solo trips like this.

You've met two kinds of people here. Christopher McCandless, and Ernesto Che Guevara, two true souls. Greg Parker, a fake human. A fake soul. My heart whispered to myself over and again "Yes, I'm fake." This is not how you go on solo trips. This is not how you feel the ultimate freedom. This not how you find the purpose of your life. I can't do this anymore. I have decided. I'm going back home. I shifted to reverse gear.

Because now I know, "It's better to stay back and do nothing rather than being fake".

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


"If this was a porn video, it'd get a million hits", she said.

 "Lets shoot it then", I suggested.

 She smiled at me like an innocent child, and said. "Fuck you".

 I tickled her navel. She laughed and got out of the bed. She loves
when i do that. My hands were dying to tickle her again, but she ran
to the toilet. I followed her. We were like two year olds wandering
around the house naked, playing like kindergarten kids, and doing
whatever we wanted to. Or may be, playing with our life.

 We got into the bathroom. She switched on the shower. I put my hands
on her butt and pulled her close. This is what happens when two slim
bodies hug. Each and every part of me touches her. Each and every hair
bonds. I grabbed her hair, and I went inside her for the fifth time. I
dont know why I was counting, but I was really accurate about it.

 "Merging of philosophies", she said.

 "What?". It did interrupted the course.

 "Sex, its the merging of philosophies". She replied.

 "Does that make us a single philosophy now?" I asked.

 "Unless and until you're out of my body, Yes we are one single
philosophy". She said.

 I wish I could have sex with her words. Whatever she spits out is
well polished with honesty, and nothing is more sexier than a naked
woman spitting out naked truths. Sometimes it'll make you fall for
her, and sometimes it will tear you apart.

Like Dad Like No One

I remember my mom shouting at him. "Tim, How many times do I need to
tell you this? Don't smoke in front of kids!"

 But he'll be sitting on the couch staring at the newspaper, and then
looking at me. I know he wants me to blush. Then only we both can
smile at mom and make fun of her. I still remember those good old
days, and still can't forget that one bad day, 19 September 1998. It
was his birthday. We were waiting for him at our grandpa's house. We
were all set to give him a surprise. But it ended he surprising us by
tearing our heart apart. I remember getting that phone call from Steve

 I remember him saying in a shivering tone, "Jake, Tell Cathy to come
to my home. Now."

 I knew something was wrong. I gave the phone to my mom. The next
thing I remember is seeing her in the hospital at Rhode Island. I dont
know why, but I still don't remember what happened after that phone
call. I get to know from the doctors that she fainted while talking on
phone. My 7 year old brain didn't understand anything happening there.

 September 26th. I remember sitting with Steve uncle. Its been one
week since I have heard from Dad. Steve uncle was sending a message on
his lap. I looked at the screen and started reading it.

 Sender : Steve McDin

 Receiver : Fr. Johnson Den

 Message : "Here lies the soul of Tim Davidson, father of Jake and the
loving husband of Cathy". This what we need to be engraved on the
grave. I have sent a copy to the church also. Regards.

 Message ended. My heart almost stopped beating. I ran to my room, and
hit the bed. I never wanted to wake up from there. The man who used to
blush at me to make fun of mom, died. The man who used to take me to
Beach every weekend, and tells me to dream about our life goals by
looking at the waves, died. The man who takes me to church on every
sunday, and tells me not to put the money on the church box, but
insists to give it to the beggars standing outside the church, died.
The man who told me a man who doesn't spend time with his family is
not a man at all, died. The man who was my mentor, my father, my
friend, my everything, died.

 Its been 14 years, and I'm sitting on this shore, holding the Tobacco
Pipe bowl which he used. I will never burn it. I'll just hold it like
he used to hold it. Its like holding his hands, and I've always wanted
to correct what Steve uncle said.

 "Here lies the body of Tim Davidson, not his soul. His soul belongs
to Jake Davidson."